• Lindsay RN - SMDHU

The New Canada's Food Guide

Health Canada released a new and completely refreshed Canada’s Food Guide on January 22, 2019.

The new Food Guide encourages Canadians to:

· eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, along with whole grain foods and protein foods

· choose protein foods that come from plants more often

· limit highly processed foods

· if you choose these foods, eat these less often and in small amounts and

· make water your drink of choice.

The new Food Guide highlights that healthy eating is more than just the foods we eat. It also encourages Canadians to:

· cook more often;

· enjoy food;

· be mindful of eating habits, and

· eat meals with others.

The Food Guide consists of several online tools and resources. Additional resources and tools will be developed on an ongoing basis to help Canadians apply the new Canada’s Food Guide where they live, work and play.

New resources currently available from Health Canada include:

· Food Guide Snapshot

· Healthy Eating Recommendations

· Educational Poster – can be downloaded and printed.

· Recipes

· Tips for healthy eating – for various age groups (e.g. teens, parents, etc), as well as at various settings like schools and home.

Resources expected to be released later in 2019 include:

· Canada’s Healthy Eating Pattern for health professionals and policy makers. This will provide more specific guidance on amounts and types of foods, as well as life stage guidance.

· Healthy eating tools for First Nations, Inuit and Métis.

Visit the revamped Food Guide at the new Health Canada site: https://food-guide.canada.ca/en/

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